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Collection Summary

Communication & Technology Systems' world's largest private collection of original Currier & Ives Prints Featured in Time-Life Encyclopedia has found a permanent museum home to preserve this treasure of Americana. A collection of this magnitude has been unknown since the 1800's when Currier & Ives sold prints from their shop. The placement of this collection of Americana is unprecedented and unique.

Fine art collectors, scholars and museums expound the Currier & Ives relationship to the history and lifestyles of the 1800's. C&I prints are truly the first pictorial record of America's history, a historic record of our heritage, which is irreplaceable.


Museum Visitors

The Harness Racing Museum & Hall Of Fame in Goshen, NY, has opened an exhibit of its recently acquired extensive horse folios from our collection.  The museum is located at 240 Main Street, Goshen, NY.

The Springfield Museum Of Fine Arts in Springfield, MA, formally opened their extensive Currier & Ives exhibition on December 8th, 2005. The museum is located at 21 Edwards Street, Springfield, MA 01103

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Currier and Ives
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         World's Most Extensive Private
                  Currier & Ives Collection

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Time-Life Encyclopedia        

Winter In The Country  



After a nation wide search by Time-Life, this superb Currier & Ives Collection was chosen by and featured in the Time-Life Encyclopedia of Collectibles. Provenance of this historical Collection is exceptional.

Time-Life Featured Print Folios

The Currier & Ives section of the Time-Life Encyclopedia is titled "Currier & Ives, A Heritage in Prints",   features the following print folios in color as example subjects taken from the original Collection;






Great Chicago Fire of 1871      An Original Currier & Ives Price List
Ruins of the Merchant Exchange      The American Fireman, Prompt to the Rescue
The Express Train     The U.S. Brig of War Somers
Great Horses In A Great Race    The Little Brown Jug
The Spirit of the Union    Battle At Bunker's Hill
The Star Spangled Banner       The Champions of the Union
William Henry Harrison The Four Seasons of Life: Middle Age
Preparing For Market   Skating Scene - Moonlight
The City of Washington  The Velocipede
Kitties Among The Roses American Hunting Scenes
The Happy Family   The Woodland Gate
Light Artillery, 1863 by Thomas Nast

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Currier & Ives History / News

      REPRINTED From:
World's Largest Private
Currier & Ives Collection
Resides In Two Museums                        
Beach Snipe Shooting  Silver Spring, MD - Sid Alpert, CEO, of Communication & Technology Systems announced that its entire corporate collection of Currier & Ives Lithographs has been placed in two museums. The Springfield Museums in Springfield, MA and The Harness Racing Museum & Hall Of Fame in Goshen, NY to insure its preservation and status in the art world for future generations, "We felt that the collection should remain together, so others may study and enjoy the truly first pictorial record of American History, Currier & Ives," said Mr. Alpert.

    The collection continues to broaden our knowledge as to the events and news of the day in the 1800’s. Currier’s shop was a Mecca for status climbers, entrepreneurs, Broadway producers, sportsman and politicians. All wanted the famous printmakers to publish a print encompassing their various personal causes. One could say, that Currier & Ives’ work opened a way for the people of America to finally see images in color. They could learn about their new country or their former homeland, such as the marvel of color television does for us today.

    To better understand these prolific publishers, Nathaniel Currier and James Merrit Ives, imagine the horse as the primary means of transportation, newspapers in black and white without photographs, no radio or television broadcasting stations, living in city homes or flats that were more than often drab and bleak, cut off from the events of the day.

    Along came Currier and Ives to change all that. For a few cents you could purchase a colored print of your favorite horse and carriage. Learn the outcome of a race in harness or saddle. Have a scene from Ireland, England or the Holy Land hanging on your wall to brighten your life. Being able to see a great fire or ship’s disaster at sea in blazing vivid colors. Steamboats racing on the Mississippi, farm and country homes as well as, the palatial homes of the aristocracy. Laying the Atlantic Cable, fishing, hunting, playing billiards, portraits of our statesmen, even the impossible Washington and Lincoln shaking hands.

    There were the mighty Clipper Ships as they sailed the Atlantic. The America’s Cup yacht races, the famous horse sire Rysdyk’s Hambletonian, the romantic scenes of children at play, cats, dogs and the rats that plagued the squalor. All the barnyard animals you could imagine. Buffalo hunting, facing the Indians, battle scenes from the American Revolution to the war between the states. They provided solace for the grieving, with funeral prints of remembrance, where the name of the departed could be written or printed on a blank headstone.

    The Collection includes some artifacts, such as a letter from N. Currier to the wife of one of the workers at his printing shop; a Peddler’s Scroll, with sample prints, used to sell door to door; "American Forest Scene/Maple Sugaring" with "Clipper Ship Sweepstakes" on the back; an original price sheet listing of Currier & Ives' prints for sale.

    This exciting and important Currier and Ives collection was chosen and featured in the Time-Life Encyclopedia of Collectibles. Its size and extraordinary condition is truly a picturesque part of our American Heritage and one that will never be duplicated again.

    The word "prolific" is not capable of describing the work of Mr. Nathaniel Currier or Mr. James Merrit Ives and their contribution to our American way of life. Since 1834 through today, Curriers continue to strike a cord of familiarity and touch us in a way that expands time.

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  Original Size Specifications
       Currier & Ives Prints


The Size of a Currier & Ives Print is One of the Determining Factors in
       Verifying an "Original" Print Published by Currier & Ives

If you are trying to verify the authenticity of a Currier & Ives Print, start by measuring the Picture Area Only. Check it with our table below, then a current C&I print reference guide to verify the published size. Most print subjects were not published in more than one size. We maintain a listing of the various subjects and their sizes if you need further assistance.

isted below in our table are the dimensions of the printed
"Picture Image Area Only", height by width Does Not Include the Title, white margin or publication lines printed in the margins, which appear outside of the picture area.


wpeA.jpg (1531 bytes)


Table Of Standard Currier & Ives Print Sizes

                                              1.  Trade Cards (TC): About 3 1/4" X 5"

                                               2.  Very Small  (VS): Usually Less Than 7" X 9"

                                               3.  Small (S): About 8" or 8 1/2" X 12 1/2"

                                                4.  Medium (M): About 9" or 10" X 13" up to 19"

                                                 5.  Large (L): Anything Over 14" X 20"



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